11 nov 2018 11:00

The Art of Organising Hope – New Narratives for Europe

This programme is a work in progress.
To keep track of our work, please visit: http://theartoforganisinghope.eu/
Our alternative European summit consists of ten different sessions spread over four days. During the summit, every participant is invited to join in on and contribute to all working and public sessions. The concept, focus, and working method of the sessions is being worked out by (combinations of) the different organising partners of the summit, during the summer of 2018. They invite inspiring guests that will be able to make strong contributions and provide starting points for further debate.

SESSION 8: CLIMATE OF CHANGE – WHO IS IN THE PICTURE? 11 November, 11:00h-13:00h, ABVV In 1902 a group of trade unionists were photographed in the Library of the Socialist Union in Ghent. They represented the active unionism that was transforming the lives of ordinary people. What’s missing from the photograph are all those who didn’t get into the picture. In this session we reconstruct and restage the 1902 photograph for our times and leave space for those who in the future will be part of this climate of change. CONCEPT AND REALISATION: Tallaght Community Arts (IE), Legebitra (SI) and APEB/SESLA (PT) GUESTS: to be confirmed

SESSION 9: ART & ACTIVISM 11 November, 14:00h-16:00h, Vooruit This session focusses on the potential of art to challenge fixed forms and to imagine other possible worlds. How does art reflect on and actively pave the way for radically different kinds of resistance, storytelling, knowledge and living together? In which ways is art complementary with other activist strategies? And how might European civil society be strengthened by art? CONCEPT AND REALISATION: APEB/SESLA (PT), Victoria Deluxe (BE) GUESTS: Jorge Cabrera (PT), ÇETA Art Collective (PT), Maria Lucia Cruz Correia (PT) and Daniela Ortiz (Peru – to be confirmed)

SESSION 10: NEW INFRASTUCTURES OF RESISTANCE (PUBLIC SESSION) 11 November, 18:00h-20:00h, Vooruit Horizontal, citizen-led and participatory processes have become the basis for generating social change. Young people are increasingly playing a central role in many of the social battles and movements across Europe that try to form infrastructures of dissent. In this public closing session, we want to work around the question how we can construct (new) forms of organised democracy in Europe that are inspiring and hopeful in their actions, theory and strategy. CONCEPT AND REALISATION: Nieuwstedelijk (BE), Victoria Deluxe (BE) GUESTS: Daniella Ortiz (Peru – to be confirmed) – Igor Stofkiszewski (Political Critique – PL) – Alexander Matkovic (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory – PL) – Cecylia Malik (PL – to be confirmed) & Sebastian Ordonez Munoz (Jaguar Despierto and Wretched of the Earth – UK)