10 nov 2018

The Art of Organising Hope – New Narratives for Europe

This programme is a work in progress.
To keep track of our work, please visit: http://theartoforganisinghope.eu/
Our alternative European summit consists of ten different sessions spread over four days. During the summit, every participant is invited to join in on and contribute to all working and public sessions. The concept, focus, and working method of the sessions is being worked out by (combinations of) the different organising partners of the summit, during the summer of 2018. They invite inspiring guests that will be able to make strong contributions and provide starting points for further debate.

SESSION 5: SHIFTING THE CENTRE: REMAPPING RACE, GENDER, SEXUALITY and CLASS 10 November, 10:30h-13:00h, Vooruit Because of their simultaneity in people’s lives, we see race, gender, sexuality and class as ‘a matrix of domination’. In this session we focus on shifting the centre of knowledge, recognizing the systems of power and making the choice to transform and build alternatives. CONCEPT AND REALISATION: Legebitra (SI) GUESTS: Camille Barton (UK, to be confirmed) and Jovan Džoli Uličević (ME, to be confirmed)

SESSION 6: REBUILDING EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS – THE REPUBLIC OF EUROPE 10 November, 15:00h-18:00h, NTGent We open this session with the proclamation of the ‘European republic’ (based on the work of Ulrike Guérot). After this proclamation, we want to share successful ongoing initiatives and formulate visions for future European institutions in order to regain the sovereignty, public ownership and civic participation that we lost in the privatisation of many social institutions and the neo-liberalisation. CONCEPT AND REALISATION: NTGent (BE) GUESTS: Brendan Ogle (Right2Water – IE) – Spyros Skouras (EL) – Francesco Rapparelli (CLAP – Precarious Workers – IT) – Maria Montavez Sanchez & Fransisco Garrido Torres (Cerro Libertad – ES)

SESSION 7: MINING STORIES (PUBLIC SESSION) 10 November, 20:00h-22:00h, Arca This evening, we watch and discuss the documentary theatre performance ‘Mining Stories’, a political and socio-economic analysis giving voice to the people involved in the Bento Rodrigues dam disaster in Brasilia and confronting us with the blind spots of violent capitalism and colonialism. CONCEPT AND REALISATION: APEB/SESLA (PT), Victoria Deluxe (BE) GUESTS: Luciana Carmo (PT), Maria Lucia Cruz Correia (PT), Hannes Dereere (BE) and Silke Huysmans (BE)