09 nov 2018 10:00

The Art of Organising Hope – New Narratives for Europe

This programme is a work in progress.

To keep track of our work, please visit: http://theartoforganisinghope.eu/

Our alternative European summit consists of ten different sessions spread over four days. During the summit, every participant is invited to join in on and contribute to all working and public sessions. The concept, focus, and working method of the sessions is being worked out by (combinations of) the different organising partners of the summit, during the summer of 2018.

They invite inspiring guests that will be able to make strong contributions and provide starting points for further debate.

SESSION 2: WE OWN IT 9 November, 10:00h-12:00h, Vooruit We are witnessing a resurgence of ‘commoning’ in Europe: attempts to create forms of collective ownership to reclaim economic and social space from capitalist social relations. In this session we want to explore how we can expand and bring the existing practices to higher levels through engagement with new forms of state ownership. CONCEPT AND REALISATION: APEB/SESLA (PT) GUESTS: Cat Hobbs (We own it – UK) – Robrecht Vanderbeeken & Dries Goedertier (ABVV – BE) SESSION 3: KNOWLEDGE SHARING – WE HAVE MORE IN COMMON

9 November, 14:00h-18:00h, Vooruit How to develop civil counterbalances to populism and extremist right-wing tendencies and develop communities of solidarity and empathy instead? In this world café session we ask specific questions and look for possible concrete solutions or steps towards such a vision – trusting the common knowledge of all who are present. CONCEPT AND REALISATION: Ideas Factory (BG) GUESTS: to be confirmed SESSION 4: RIGHT TO THE CITY (PUBLIC SESSION)

9 November, 20:00h-22:00h, ABVV Cities and towns increasingly suffer from speculation on the housing market and large-scale corporate purchases of urban space. The historical meaning of the city is being altered through this process of gentrification. This public session wants to articulate and elaborate the right to the city to what it means today. CONCEPT AND REALISATION: APEB/SESLA (PT) GUESTS: Termokiss (XK) Lab.Crash or Info.Aut (IT, to be confirmed), PAH (Catalonia, to be confirmed), Ministry of Space (RS)