In 2021, the Masereelfonds will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Just like in the allegorical book “L” Idée” by our godfather Frans Masereel (1920), we want to pay tribute to those who escape the norm. To those who change the future of our society through new ideas. Now, at the point of unprecedented societal change, we need new ideas more than ever to explore new ways, new paths that we don’t normally take. We call on you to use your imagination as a crucial ingredient for a different, new, more sustainable future for us all. After all, if we can imagine our ideals, we can also pursue them.

Send us your hopeful, inspiring idea for the future before January 31.

This can be done through a photo, poem, essay, film, text, (picture of) a work of art, or however you want.

You can submit your submission by sending an email to with the subject: “L’IDEE”.

From all submissions, the artists’ collective, composed by Pierre Muylle, Alain Platel, Gerda Dendooven, Ben Benaouisse, Lisaboa Houbrechts and Mario Debaene, will chose the ideas that touch and inspire them the most. Participants have the chance to win: Participation in the creative process with the collective and publication in a book.

~ Ideas are the engine of social change ~

So don’t hesitate, just do it!